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“I would 1000% recommend hiring Eric Franco. The amount of clarity he pulled out of me was worth it alone not to mention how well he breaks down the plan into actionable steps. Eric has a knack for asking very poignant questions to expand my perspective and understanding of the situation. He helped me, and my organization achieve much needed progress quickly. This helped us accelerate towards our goals and achieve our big picture goals sooner. Whether you're an individual that needs coaching, an organization trying to understand why your attrition is so high, or are trying to understand why your managers are not leaders, I recommend Eric because he finds the right solutions for your situation.”

- Jake Herbert, Olympian

“Being an introvert is not easy, let alone accepting it. Eric helped me embrace my introversion and see it for the asset it is. He helped me develop self-awareness skills which has helped me read environments and how I respond to them. He taught me when to break out of my shell, and more importantly how to break out using his Introvert HEAR model. That model helped me turn what I thought was a weakness into positive by realizing when to break out of my shell and step out of my comfort zone. In addition to these huge breakthroughs Eric's coaching helped multiply my income and role quickly. I no longer seek to be the person hiding behind everyone in a meeting, I look forward to speaking and sharing my insights to help solve large complex issues or to develop others.”

- Axel C., Senior Manager for a Large Aerospace Organization 

“Eric’s guidance provided fuel to get my career moving forward. When Eric became my coach, I was very unhappy and working tasks that were too easy. Eric saw potential in me that I did not, he provided a safe place for me to learn and grow. He pushed me towards stretch assignments and goals that I was excited to work, and as a result my love for my job grew. Eric is passionate about growing and developing people. He provides the right amount of support, communication and insight but leaves it up to the individual to do the work and succeed. In my entire career, Eric was hands down the best thing that happened to me. He taught me to think strategically as well as tactically when approaching all my responsibilities. When I retired, I was the strongest, most confident I had ever been both in my personal and professional life, thanks to Eric’s leadership skills and trust.”

- Kathleen S., Learning and Talent Development Professional for a Global Manufacturer (Retired)

“My leadership team has grown leaps and bounds since Eric began working with each of them individually and collectively. Eric used team offsites and group/individual coaching sessions to help each leader identify their barriers to moving the leadership team forward. When Eric was brought in my team seemed to run through this endless loop of rework, reviews, and proposing new meetings. Eric brought in the 5 Behaviors of a Team model which pushed us to see we had gaps in Trust and Healthy Conflict. That was the reason we struggled to come to consensus or become a team of execution. Since his work Trust and Healthy Conflict are on the rise, and I have seen the effects in quicker resolution and higher impact. The team now sees the benefit of expressing their concerns and suggestions as a group to make the best decision. We are looking to take on more work and are expanding into new markets, two things I was worried about doing previously. I highly recommend Eric if your leadership team is new or does not seem to be on the same page. His style is to find the right solution for each organization. This is what sold me, as far to many other consultants come in with a solution in hand. Eric came in with questions and he pulled together an analysis that highlighted the right activities to attack first.”

– CEO of 400-Person Organization, Revenue of $200 Million Annually

“In 2021 I reached out to some colleagues because I was at a point in my business that I had multiple options in front of me (sell, hire, expand, etc.) and I had no idea which was the best option for me. My colleague recommended I reach out to Eric and run through my problem. I was amazed at how knowledgeable he was and just how attentive he was to my situation. He truly listened to understand my challenges, concerns, options, and most importantly what my passions were. During the first session he asked so many great questions that I started to gain some clarity and more importantly some energy to move forward, as up to that point I was feeling drained. Over our next few sessions Eric helped bring structure and a sense of calm that stilled the crazy waters I was functioning in previously. He helped me find my vision, and as a result find the actions I need to do daily, weekly, monthly, and annually to get there. His coaching helped me accelerate my goals, as he pushed me to stretch and think bigger. I recommend Eric if you or your business needs clarity.”

– Small Business Owner, Annual Revenue of $150K

“When I connected to Eric, I was facing increasing attrition nearing the twenty percent range. My leadership team and I tried multiple times to improve the numbers, but we never saw improvements. Eric came in and did a full assessment, including areas we overlooked as key data points. The result was the identification of key drivers for the attrition. Over the next year and a half Eric and his team worked the critical causes by training my leaders, adding in processes, and most importantly training my talent and Human Resource teams to take over the process once he and his team left. One of the great selling points when I originally talked to Eric. He emphasized his goal was not to be the solution, but rather help implement the solution and ensure it can be sustained once he left. He said if solutions cannot sustain once he left, then they were never true solutions. After the first year we saw our attrition drop by nearly 50%, and now we continually run well under 4% year over year.”

– Senior VP at Manufacturing Organization With $1B in Annual Revenue

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