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Psychology Methods

Business Psychology & Executive Coaching

Empowering Your Company With the Tools for Change

Eric Franco, an experienced Fortune 500 consultant, and an electrifying motivational speaker elevates companies and individuals by teaching them to smash through barriers and deliver results. He believes record profits and products are not what makes a company great—instead, communication and understanding are the keys to organizational success.

Through one-on-one leadership coaching, speaking, and business psychology methods, Eric emphasizes the impact of connections between people and processes to drive success. He has worked with individuals to C-Suite leaders to build new mindsets, motivate teams, and pinpoint organizational problems. The result of his work? Long-lasting change and greater team cohesion. Develop your strategies for success with Eric today!

Elevate Your Company and Leaders With Our Leadership & Communication Strategies

Introvert HEAR Model

Are you a leader or an organization with leaders that are soft-spoken or quiet when the organization or its people need a stronger voice? The Introvert H.E.A.R. Model, invented by Eric, teaches reserved employees how to flex into their extroverted side, all while emphasizing their strengths and staying true to their introverted style.

Industrial/Organizational (Business) Psychology

Industrial-organizational psychology, or I/O psychology, is a field that studies behavior in the workplace. Eric teaches you tips and tricks from I/O psychology so you can understand why your employees act the way they do.

Pick up Eric’s Latest Book!

Introverted children often feel less than or have difficulty making connections with others. In The Introvert Ninja, Eric’s latest children’s book, kids can learn that their introversion is a superpower and not a flaw! Equip your child with the perspectives and tools for success.

The Introvert Ninja

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Eric Franco is available for speaking engagements, 1:1 leadership coaching, and more. Call him at (520) 440-4050 or fill out the form below to get in touch!

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