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Facilitating Change for Your Company

Ever wondered why your coworkers handle their work differently than you or how upper management makes decisions? In his speaking engagements, Eric passes on lessons about why people do the things they do in the workplace. His business psychology knowledge, hundreds of hours of coaching experience, and his Introvert H.E.A.R. Model help listeners understand the why behind their workplace challenges, in order to identify ways to breakthrough new possibilities. Eric’s engaging, fun, and attention-grabbing speaking engagements, provides your employees with the skills to self-develop and build a better company.

How We Develop Your Mentality
Industrial/Organizational Psychology (I/O Psychology)

Humans don’t lose their biases or mindsets when they enter the workforce. I/O psychology studies how humans behave in companies. Learn how companies can reduce organizational struggles by getting to the heart of human psychology.

The Introvert H.E.A.R. Model

Introverts tend to be quiet, reserved, and thoughtful people. But in an organization that rewards extroverts, how do they stand out? Eric’s speaking engagements empower introverts and teach them how to harness their unique powers.

Before Your Event
  • Sensing struggles in intra-team communication
  • Inspire your employees to tackle a new challenge
  • Maintain your company’s already stellar communication styles
  • Build team camaraderie and unify a siloed company
After Your Event
  • Greater team cohesion and communication
  • Better understanding of what makes employees tick
  • Empowered to face new challenges and rise to the occasion
  • Knowledge of personal strengths and how to use them

Teach Your Children the Power of the Introvert Ninja

In a world that values loud extroverts over soft-spoken introverts, it’s easy to feel ignored. Teaching your introverted kids the positives of your quieter side is what Eric’s latest book, The Introvert Ninja, is all about. This children’s book provides life lessons about connecting with others and finding what makes you special. It equips parents and children alike with new perspectives, and the tools to flex styles while staying true to who they are.

The Introvert Ninja

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