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Quiet Brilliance Mastermind
A Program Dedicated to Amplifying Success for Introverted Professionals
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This mastermind is designed to empower introverted professionals in STEM who feel held back by their introversion. It offers a proprietary model proven to assist individuals facing similar challenges. We keep this to a small group setting (because after all we are introverts!). Eric's Introvert HEAR model has been developed over years and hundreds of hours of trial and error. It has been used to help coach introverted leaders in companies across the United States.

If you would rather sign up for 1:1 coaching please fill out a contact form or give Eric a call to set up a discovery meeting. Spots are limited due to schedule constraints.


What You Get

Participants gain access to a supportive community, personalized coaching, and exclusive resources tailored to their needs. The mastermind emphasizes skill development and strategies for overcoming introversion-related hurdles. There will be a defined goal with activities to ensure you move towards your goals.

What is the Value?

The value lies in fostering personal and professional growth, helping participants unlock their full potential, build confidence, and navigate the STEM industry with success.

Who Should Consider Joining?

Introverted professionals in the STEM industry seeking to overcome challenges related to introversion and advance their careers. The mastermind caters specifically to this niche audience, although the model has worked with multiple other industries.

Reviews from Previous Customers

"Before joining the Quiet Brilliance Mastermind, I struggled with asserting myself in the competitive world of software development. Thanks to the program, I gained valuable strategies to showcase my skills effectively. Within just three months, I secured a promotion and negotiated a significant salary increase. This mastermind is a game-changer for introverted STEM professionals like me."

- Emily L

"As an introverted engineer, I often felt overlooked in team dynamics. The Quiet Brilliance Mastermind not only provided practical communication tools but also helped me develop a confident leadership style. I've noticed a remarkable shift in my interactions at work, leading to increased recognition and new opportunities. It's a must for introverts striving to make their mark in STEM fields."

- Michael K

"Being an introverted data scientist, I was hesitant about my ability to lead projects and communicate effectively. The Quiet Brilliance Mastermind exceeded my expectations. The program's focus on mindset transformation was key. I not only gained confidence but also secured a leadership role in my department. This mastermind has been instrumental in reshaping my career trajectory."

- Sarah M

"As a quiet researcher in the world of biotech, I found it challenging to navigate office politics. The Quiet Brilliance Mastermind provided practical strategies for effective communication without compromising my introverted nature. Within three months, I experienced a significant reduction in negative mindset, leading to a more positive work environment. Highly recommended for introverted professionals in STEM."

- Jason W

"I joined the Quiet Brilliance Mastermind seeking ways to overcome my introverted tendencies in the fast-paced world of IT. The program not only equipped me with powerful communication techniques but also helped me cultivate a growth mindset. The result? I not only landed a high-profile project but also saw a boost in my overall confidence. This mastermind is a lifeline for introverts aiming for success in STEM."

-Laura H

"Being an introverted programmer, I often struggled to stand out in a room full of extroverted colleagues. The Quiet Brilliance Mastermind changed the game for me. Through personalized coaching and a supportive community, I not only overcame imposter syndrome but also secured a position on a high-impact project. If you're an introverted STEM professional, don't miss out on this transformative program."

-Raj P

"Before joining the Quiet Brilliance Mastermind, I was held back by self-doubt and a fear of public speaking. This program provided actionable steps to overcome these obstacles. In just three months, I not only improved my communication skills but also saw a boost in my confidence. The result? I successfully pitched my research to a prominent conference, opening doors to new collaborations. Highly recommend for introverted scientists."

-Maria S

"The Quiet Brilliance Mastermind was a turning point in my career as an introverted engineer. The program's emphasis on strategic networking and self-promotion helped me secure a coveted position on a groundbreaking project. The guidance provided not only boosted my career but also positively impacted my overall mindset. This mastermind is a must for introverted professionals aiming for success in STEM."

-Alex B

"As an introverted analyst, I struggled with self-advocacy and networking. The Quiet Brilliance Mastermind provided a supportive environment and actionable strategies to overcome these challenges. Within the program's duration, I not only increased my visibility within the company but also received recognition through a well-deserved promotion. This mastermind truly empowers introverted professionals in STEM."

-Jasmine L

"Joining the Quiet Brilliance Mastermind was a game-changer for my career as an introverted software developer. The program's focus on building authentic connections and leveraging introverted strengths led to a noticeable increase in my influence within the team. Within three months, I was entrusted with a leadership role on a critical project. If you're an introverted professional in STEM, this mastermind is your secret weapon for success."

-Chris D

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