My Intro, Via My Core Values:

My Intro, Via My Core Values:

At the heart of who I am, and who I want to become, are the following core values: faith, family, and finish. Looking deeper will give you a bigger picture of who I am.

·      Faith includes faith in myself, and of my purpose. Growing up as an introvert always caused me to question if I had any strengths because all I saw was myself struggling to connect. It also caused me to question if I had a purpose. I’ve discovered everyone has strengths, and everyone has potential to make an impact. I’ve discovered being an introvert is an asset, I just need to tap into my strengths to help me flex styles or achieve my goals.

·      Family is simply the reminder that family is my foundation. This is also a great reminder each person I encounter has their own family, care-abouts, and goals that need to be heard and supported.

·      Finish is the constant reminder to work towards consistency, action, and value, ultimately to finish with impact. 


My blog will be a mirror of my experiences and knowledge. They will focus on leadership, business psychology, and finding success as an introvert. I tend to be a man of a few words, so please reach out if you have questions or want additional context or information on any of these.


Thank you for reading,